"Candice has been my personal coach and mentor for over four years, and an amazing catalyst of inspiration and support in my life. Candice almost immediately understands with sharp insight the heart of the matter of what I bring to her. She is able to reflect back to me in a way that guides me to listen to my deepest, most intuitive truth and to make decisions from an authentic place."
Karima, Client :: Chicago, IL
After many attempts at counseling, I found more personal benefits in power coaching that I ever experienced in all my counseling sessions combined. The PHP program caused me to reach “ah-ha!” moments in so many important areas of life where I previously felt stuck. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on by just settling for the way things are in relationships, social situations, and in my professional life. I don’t know how else, or when, I would have decided to push myself like I have been lately, if I didn’t participate in this program.
HEATHER, 2012 Powerhouse Graduate
I have been working with Candice as a coach and mentor since 2006, and she has stuck by me in my court of allies ever since. When my humanity felt whittled down to rock bottom through depression, abuse, and self-sabotage, she was a primary force in hearing my story and drafting a foundation suited exclusively for me and my being. Candice is truly a master in coaching personal and professional growth.
Ellen, Client :: Portland, OR
Candice's abundant compassion, knowledge and wisdom aside, her greatest strength lies in her fearless approach towards clarity and her ability to lead others into their own exposition of clarity in their lives. I found her 12 week Powerhouse Coaching program to be invaluable in transforming my life from a place that had become very muddled to one where I felt greater autonomy, resilience, and courage to seek my own clear vision for myself.
JENNIFER, 2012 Powerhouse Graduate
PHP exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to experience the accelerated changes in my thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns that have dramatically shifted my life in a completely new direction. Even if I were to not change a single outward aspect of my life, the inward landscape of who I am walking through my life has been transformed. Coaching from Candice is invaluable. She truly is the catalyst for action beyond mere insight. Her expert guidance takes you from observing your challenges to moving through them to a new awareness and accountability.
2012 Powerhouse Graduate
THANK YOU for a truly amazing and transformational 13 weeks and for being an extraordinary role model. What you have shared about your own life makes a tremendous difference in believing that we too can overcome powerlessness and re-gain our sense of self.
2012 Powerhouse Graduate

Transformation happens where we overlap, when our innate strengths and honest vulnerabilities collide. Lifelong clients and loyal readers are people with whom I share a journey. We are allies treading a similar path. Leaning into what we have in common, we become stronger and are graced with the collective courage to live our lives more boldly.

My personal & professional path are inextricably intertwined. I know how it feels to pass through pain, navigate chronic anxiety, and get caught in a web of depression. And before I learned how to become masterful over my innate sensitivities, I gave my power away with regularity. Yet over the course of the past decade, I've learned how to take full possession of my own brand of courageous authenticity and my life has never been fuller.

I specialize in confusing transitions, feelings of stuckness, and difficult truths. I firmly believe that our pains and problems are hidden gateways to greatness; and that each one of us (myself included) needs allies to help light the way. Therefore I am many things to my clients: coach, confidant, ally, mirror, therapist, advocate, and accountability buddy. When we do what we are uniquely built for, our work is an effortless expression of self that defies conventional labels. Thus, my livelihood is a multi-faceted expression that centers around what most honestly calls me in the moment. I dance. I write. I assist the best ways that I know how. And I, like you, change daily. Together let's ride each tide as it comes.

Life is a much lighter load when you bare it all. I will gladly share my crazy-ass mistakes with you (there are many). And I will never ask you to do something I haven't experienced benefit from firsthand. It takes courage and a great sense of humor to live your truth out loud, and together we can empower one another to do just that.

Book a free consult. Let's see if and how we overlap. In the meantime, you can get to know me through my most recent RecklessNectar; just follow the links below.

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