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What a treasure of a resource Candice is. No matter how beaten down I may feel about myself, she is a wonderful resource and inspiration. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.
Laura N., Portland, OR
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Candice is so generous with her support and positive energy. I was impressed with how she could convey and articulate deep and important concepts around achievement and reaching goals. I would highly recommend her coaching services!
Jo Alexis., Portland, OR

In my twenties I was accepted to grad school three times, each time dropping-out before classes even started. I had graduated with honors - a double-major in Psychology & Child Development, but by age twenty-five, I spent my days sidestepping chronic anxiety and my evenings managing an upscale restaurant. I smoked cigarettes with the staff after hours, tossing back at least three cocktails every night before bed. I knew I was designed for something else, but I was clueless as to what it might be.

Directionless, overweight and desperate for answers, I left my job and moved across the country, circumstances eventually landing me in a small mind-body fitness studio in Boulder, Colorado. After an hour of awkwardly flailing my limbs about in a sweat-soaked stupor, I inadvertently discovered what would become my lifelong career path & calling. Movement.

For the next few years, I trained extensively as a somatic educator and began teaching classes up & down the west coast - working as a freelance editor on the side. In 2005, I moved to Portland to become a Nia™ Black Belt and the Senior Editor of Educational Materials at Nia Technique, Inc.; soon after also helping to co-create a teacher training curriculum for HoopGirl, Inc., a premier hoopdance company servicing clients worldwide.

In 2006, countless hours spent as a workshop facilitator revealed a knack for women's empowerment and I expanded my offerings. Working as a life coach gave me an opportunity to bring my therapeutic aspirations alive through a results-oriented approach to facilitating movement in all areas of life.

1:1 coaching is a unique blend of depth therapy, somatic awareness, and proven techniques that create change through me-too moments & shared laughter.

My "ask-me-anything approach" offers clients a refreshing and transparent alliance where mentorship & intimacy develop, and results become the norm.

Candice is the author of two comprehensive coaching programs. In September 2015 she was inducted into the Atheneum Writing Fellowship through The Attic Institute. She is currently working on her first full-length book.

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