"I am thrilled to have spent the past several years with Candice as my life coach!  Her unconditional support and encouragement have allowed me to shine through and I trust her with my innermost details and know I am safe. I have found new ways to look at my experiences and to open to the adventure that is my life."
Ali :: Client, Vancouver BC
"Candice has been my personal coach and mentor for over four years, and an amazing catalyst of inspiration and support in my life. Candice almost immediately understands with sharp insight the heart of the matter of what I bring to her. She is able to reflect back to me in a way that guides me to listen to my deepest, most intuitive truth and to make decisions from an authentic place."
Karima, Client :: Chicago, IL

I feel utterly stuck and don't know how to move forward...

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"Candice was recommended, no, literally PRESCRIBED to me by my naturopath to progress with healing my depression. I woke up every day unsure of my future, confused about what goals to have and how to accomplish them. I felt utterly stuck and didn't know how to move forward. Candice helped me identify small goals to work towards that are attainable and not scary, and approach them lovingly, rather than being afraid of them. I felt as if a large weight had been removed and was finally able to breathe again. The moment I allowed myself to move forward, every door started to open up again, and things became easier. Opportunities came to me because I was finally ready for them, and ready to see them. I made calls. I made changes. And I am creating movement in my life! In fact, I am moving to Maui to pursue my goals and live a life that has been waiting for me for a long time! Candice is awesome. She was the final push and (loving) shove that got me out the door to accomplish my goals."
LILY :: Client, Portland, Oregon, usa

I have a tendency to hide myself for fear of being seen...

"A consistent challenge surrounds my tendency to hide myself for fear of being seen and judged. This causes me to stay small and limit my joy and contributions in life. Candice continually confirms my unique desires. She shows me that what feel like "conflicting" character traits can in fact be channeled constructively, helping me to recognize my own unique path in life. She has confirmed my ability to create a life that works for me, apart from the pressures of friends or family members. Her coaching has helped me immensely, and it’s a real comfort knowing she is just a phone call/email away when I need it most!"
KARIMA :: Client, Chicago, Illinois, usa

I need help to end a stagnant, uncomfortable relationship...

"I needed help to end a relationship that was keeping me in a stagnant, uncomfortable place in my everyday life. Candice created a safe space for us to be honest with ourselves and with each other. With her innate ability to navigate communication and get to the underlying truth, Candice helped us to navigate a difficult yet loving & organic relationship transition. It became clear to me that I was projecting some powerful & dysfunctional attitudes toward men onto my partner. I am now more self-aware. I know that I don't have to keep re-living abandonment over and over by going for unavailable men. I know that Love is Love. It is not a "missing daddy" void that I have to fill to feel loved. I trust her. She listens to and hears me. She challenges my negative stories & old beliefs, and offers a different more positive perspective."
SYLVIA :: Client, Portland, Oregon, usa

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I am a budding entrepreneur but I need help getting started...

In large part due to Candice's coaching, support and guidance, I was able to successfully launch my greatest artistic vision and business dream! In our sessions she advised me with her worldly wisdom concerning the details of marketing, artistic performance, and personal relations, but she always found ways to connect my desires for business success with my deepest soul's path. She has a unique gift of bridging the heart, mind, body and spirit in all facets of life: working with Candice gave me the confidence and alignment to put my artistic vocation out into the world. My dedication is paying off; I was recently awarded with a dance fellowship that will enable to me continue exploring my greatest passion. I am so grateful for her ongoing support and wind at my back.
CLIENT :: Portland, Oregon, usa

I am faced with an urgent problem and need support...

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"I was faced with an urgent medical problem, one that threatened to require surgery. I was determined to heal myself, whatever it took. Candice helped me make a map of all the elements I needed to weave together in order to accomplish what the medical profession told me was impossible. But even more than her expertise in helping me organize my plan of action, Candice gave me the essential unconditional support and belief in my power I needed to take on this challenge. In three months' time, I completely resolved the condition. Candice's contribution to my success is immense. She is an astoundingly wise and loving mentor."
FELICITY :: Client, Portland Oregon, usa

I want to carve out time in my life to live my dream...

"I wanted to carve out time in my life to begin living my dream of teaching. Having been a student of Candice's for over five years I'm continuously inspired each and every time I walk into a room that she is facilitating. She seems to read the collective group and offer just what is needed to connect people to themselves. We worked together in sessions where she taught me how to breakdown songs and reminded me that people come to class for themselves. My job is as a facilitator and I am not there to be judged. With her encouragement, I taught some songs and now want to continue! I'm not scared anymore and I'm ready for even more tools in my tool belt. I'm still working on my dream, but I can see the potential now."
RACHEL :: Client, Portland, Oregon, usa

Candice has amazing gifts as a teacher and mentor, and created the safe space where I could experiment. Now I am encouraging others to try their voice, to present themselves with pizzazz, and to walk confidently on their journey.
LAURA :: Student, Irvine, California, usa

I want feel sexy, feminine, and at-home in my body...

I have been coming to your Zumba class for 2 weeks now and LOVE it!!! I have 4 kids and it is a something that I can do for myself...finally!!! Question though...how do you get your butt to move like that? Holy moly!!! I want to be able to do that!!!! Thanks for your energy!!!
Student :: Portland, Oregon, usa
You are an exceptional instructor. Your Zumba class is a blessing. It is exercise disguised in a party.
Student :: Portland, Oregon, usa
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I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience. My chronic shoulders are feeling stronger, more flexible and much less painful.  My pelvis is more mobile and happier and my soul quiets right down after about 5-10 minutes of circling my big, heavy hoop around my body. It's definitely turning out to be as therapeutic as I thought it would. Thank you again and thank you for reminding me what it feels like to shine again. :)
Student :: Portland, Oregon, usa