What is Coaching?


Are you a pretty with-it, self-aware individual who would like to
use your hard-earned knowledge to affect change?

Do you have an ongoing list of things you’d like to get to,
only you rarely have the time and/or resources to actually follow through?

Are you spending the majority of your energy providing for everyone else's needs, often at the expense of your own?

Is some part of your life in transition (or would you like for it to be)?

If you answered 'yes' to any ONE of the above questions,
1:1 coaching might be for you.

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AUTHENTICITY - I've got your back.
Integrity is at the center of our work; therefore, there are no formulas to follow or hoops for you to jump through. One-on-one sessions are highly-personalized and continually responsive to the-real-you. Together we will author a plan with your needs at the center, where goals are structured around not what-you-should-do but who-you-really-are. We get at this deeper level of clarity with efficiency and wholehearted tenacity. Why? Because it is absolutely essential to your success. Motivation arises organically when you are fueled by *your* honest objectives.

ACCOUNTABILITY - I promise not to flinch.
Change is an inevitability of life, but feeling stuck doesn’t have to be. Some of life’s directives are darker than others, and all of them require courage and a willingness to dig deeper than ever before. Give authentic voice to what lives inside of you, including your fear/anger/grief/intuition without judgment or relational blow-back. Take the time you need to sift through the emotional debris of the past, in order to make your deepest desires actionable in the now. Contrary to popular opinion, acccountability isn't all about checks-and-balances; it goes much deeper than that. It's a synergy of responsiveness where we make room for the many-selves at play.

ACTION - Create more, process less.
Maybe you've already done some heavy lifting, invested time and money in therapy and/or self inquiry. You may even have a clear understanding of how you get in your own way. Now it's time to ACTualize that knowledge and recreate the narrative at the center of your life. The only way out is through - a willingness to risk reinvention and reclaim authority over your one precious life. Coaching will infuse you with the courage to make your move, speak your truth, and make your many insights come alive in your everyday experience through action.

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Coaching is a worthwhile investment.
It's personal training for the whole-self.
A one-on-one sovereignty-building workout for the heart & soul.

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