birthday suit

birthday suit

it’s me
screaming naked sleek
gritty with joy

streaking across the page
like I do

my wishes
have arrived
later than expected
much like I did to this world
pushing gestation to its max
then coming in
full throttle
hold onto your fucking hat
here I am

unnecessary labor
has never made sense to me
not when you can launch new life
with the impeccable grace of right timing

ah yes
life is good
better than ever
my destiny

high on beauty
rooted in ugly

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Shadow Sister

heads up, shadow sister
shame is on your sweet provocative ass
she's a righteous nag who wags her finger at your
wild truth
critiquing your
crazed animal heart 
until it crouches in the corner
quivering with doubt
wishing to be
f r e e

I see you
you (with)hold it in
when you could 
p o u r 

you suck it up
when you could 
b l o w

secrecy smothers the breath out of life
faking satisfied succulence drains a life dry

I see you
for we see what we are
nothing more. nothing less.

therefore the biggest lie
is that you are

you’re not alone
you are a silent refuge
an orphan separated from her sister tribe
a revolutionary cast behind the bars of pretense

what if you could
safely wear a tender heart rubbed raw
right on your sleeve?

what if everyone woman
who thought herself a fucking mess
could be held in a share of her story?

what if
the very wounds that hold us hostage
were actually rebel forces meant to ride us
to freedom?

you can
she can
they are

you don’t have to squeeze yourself into a life
that doesn’t fucking fit

scared to let go?
afraid of what people will think?

me, too.
these two
precious words
have the power to
set us free

“Shadow Sister”

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