Seek Alliance vs. Answers

Many people mistakenly assume that a mentor, counselor, or coach presumes to have the answers. Hardly. In fact, I believe it works best if it's just the opposite. Being an advocate for others more often means that you are willing to continually ask the right questions.

No one can provide you with the answers you seek. An advocate and ally is the best you can hope for - someone willing to walk alongside you, reflecting back what you already know. Better yet if they have walked a day or more in your shoes... that much more do they have to offer as a mirror along your path. 

I share my thoughts with you not to sway you towards them. Nor do I write for release alone. (I have a journal for that.) I reach out to you as a demonstration of how unfiltered expression can free us from self-made confines that disconnect us from one another.

I see the vulnerability of exposure as the ultimate power building practice. For when I show up and am seen, I am forced to look at myself. 

How so exactly? 

Some people will like my musings; others will unsubscribe. Either way I gain power. From those who resonate with my art I receive external validation that my perspective matters. I feel like less of an alien when someone else sees the world through my eyes. As for those who don't feel I add value, this truth is just as real. We are necessary only to those who echo our deepest real; it's not personal. Besides, nestled within the sting of so-called rejection is a call to look within for validation and comfort. And any excuse to be my own lover is a welcome one in my book. 

I am a mirror for passionate, creative women who feel stuck or are settling for less than their hearts' desire. How do I know this? Because I have garnered wisdom from my own experience, and I feel honored to share. That's why I'm relaunching
my online course (which may as well be called: How I Found My Power & Learned to Love Life 101). I'm making it more affordable and more accessible than ever before. Choose from 7 virtual classes or experience the entire 12-week program. It officially launches July 1st. 

I won't give you the answers... but I can turn the light on in a room you forgot even existed. 

Your Ally in the asking ~ Candice 


Who's Your Hero? Why Isn't It YOU?


Do you know what kills my mojo every time? Shoulds. I hate those deceptive little suckers. That's why you haven't heard from me recently. I fell prey to the pressures of popular business models and began beating the passion out of my work. As I'm sure you know, it's easy to become distracted by supposed paths to success. Thankfully, creative sizzle-fizzle is always quick to remind me that
true fulfillment is a subjective pursuit tethered to the heart of its seeker. 

So after a very clumsy pas de deux with conformity, I have found my footing again. And, thanks to all of those missteps, I have learned a few things. Nutshell: 
I gotta be me. I am never really happy working according to someone else's formula. While I love to be inspired by those I admire, I promptly wither under the weight of convention. I prefer my creative containers be unique to my nature, elastic vessels that swell and eventually shatter under the pressure of my new growth. 

I believe many of us live out lives in soils that no longer feed us. We continue to squeeze ourselves into planters that are long outgrown or designed by others. We are barely able to breathe as our eager roots edge against walls that feel as if they are closing in. We lash out violently at the elements above and around us for relief from a pressure and pain that lies deep beneath the surface. 

Holy hot damn, I gotta tell you, ... there's nothing like the overwhelming relief of breaking out, into new rich soils. You don't have to leave it all behind; you bring with you the fertile compost of experience, designed by nature to ignite your new life. While it may be shocking to be unearthed from who you think yourself to be, it's beyond worth it once nestled deep within the expanse of new possibilities. Upon entering new ground, I always have to remind myself to breathe... as feelings of fear and exhilaration naturally surge at the wonder of just how far my roots are now able to stretch.  
w h o a...  Yep, that's why they call it bated breath, it's laced with the awe of an unknown finish. 

Which bring us to this moment...

I have just unleashed a labor of love that is so near and dear to my heart, it causes my pulse to quicken every time I think about it. This offering is not for everyone... it's designed for the countless women who - like me - have struggled with the expression of their truest voice and most authentic power in the world. Those who have too many times surrendered their will to something or someone else, hoping for validation or salvation. Let me be clear. This program  will not ensure you a perfect body or promise to bring you your next relationship. A bag of money will not fall from the sky. However you'll be astounded at the expansive glory of becoming your own personal hero.

You choose your life. Learn to choose wisely. This program will give you endless resources and insights to leverage your gorgeous and perfectly-designed imperfections for massive power to DO whatever the hell YOU want with your one precious life. 

And the best part... it's completely self-paced, offers 1:1 guidance, and can be experienced from anywhere in the world. Technology kicks some serious ass, dontcha think?

I will offer you context for the program's genesis in the coming days. But for now... 
Learn more about the first ever Powerhouse Program. Please be advised: SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED so don't hesitate...  the wait is over. It's high time for you to GET YOURS...