Doing What You Love (vs. What is Expected)


Today I disappointed a lot of people. And I mean to say that I really bummed them out. I keep getting bitter-sweet emails to prove it.

You see, I am changing the course of my life. Yep, that’s what I said...
I am changing the course of my life. In order to do that, I have to let go of some things. Unfortunately, that means people are disappointed in the process. Such is the path of following one’s heart.

For over a decade, I have been a dance fitness teacher. But it’s only in the past five years, that I have begun to really excel. Having finally learned to step into my
true voice and full power, I can honestly say that I am damned good at it. Of course in the beginning I spent a period of time sorta sucking, then time paying my dues as a copy-cat rookie teacher, a few years honing my voice, and then (eventually) I found a groove that works for exactly who it is I am as a teacher. It feels wonderful to be in that space of effortlessness around something you love to do. And now I even have a following of gorgeous women (and even a few men!) who love to get down with me. It is wonderfully rewarding. I am so grateful and humbled by it all.

And... as wonderful as it is...
it is not my big dream.

Not when I have so much else I want to share. While my body has made it clear that it is time to move on (reality check and details on that
here), that’s really a bit of a cop out. I know from experience that my body really only speaks as a vehicle for my soul. All success aside, my soul is calling me to other things...

You know deep inside you that you will never be fully satisfied until you have anchored yourself in your Zone of Genius. To do less would be to hold back, and long ago you made a handshake deal with the universe that you wouldn’t do that. The seductive comforts of success, though, can lull us into accepting the status quo. In that state of comfort, it’s easy to forget the deal you made with the universe to use yourself fully. – Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap

I just began reading this book, and it could not have come at a better time. I highly recommend it for a number of reasons. He talks a lot about how we get in our own way, limiting the amount of happiness in our lives through a variety of “upper-limiting” behaviors. Big ah-hah’s for me there!

And he specifically talks about how easy it is for successful people to get stuck in what he calls the Zone of Excellence. You see, we all have areas that we excel in... things that we do very well and may even be rewarded generously for. However, it is in our Zone of Genius that we thrive on every level.
We are not only successful, we are fulfilled by doing what comes most naturally to us. In reading his book, I realize that THIS is how I feel when working with my clients. Pause. Did you hear that? My clients. Two of my favorite words. I freakin’ love my clients!!!! Holy cow. There is literally nothing that jazzes me up more than sitting with a client and seeing new awareness form in her eyes... watching as she accepts the fact that she can have more... witnessing her as she step into her power and makes serious shit happen. Oh, I could go on for days... I am head over heels in love with my clients because they allow me the privilege of doing my work.

I used to gaze intrigued and perplexed at Oscar winners when I they would say things like that: “Thank you for allowing me the privilege of doing the work I was born to do.” It always sounded kinda corny to me... and almost too good to be true. But I can tell you that lately, I know just what they are getting at.

It’s a phenomenal feeling, to fulfill your genius...

It lights me up from bottom to top... offering personalize power training for women. This is where I feel most like myself. I am built for this work.
I guide self-empowerment that results in tangible expression. I am wired to cheer people on and to see the stuff that seems hidden from view. I was born to demonstrate and encourage raw and authentic truth. While I also do that as a dance teacher everyday, I have so much more power within me. My attention needs to go toward a loftier expression of my big dream.

As a result. I will have to
let go of some classes. Release my current path of success, and have the courage to invest more in what I really love doing with every ounce of my being. That second part is easy, by the way. When you are doing the work that you are REALLY meant to do, it is so damned easy, it’ll make you giggle til you pee. Being yourself is a snap. You say to yourself... “Whatev’s! No worries. I’ve so got this!”. You’ll even work 16 hour days without even batting an eyelash, simply because you can’t stop yourself from doing what you love.

That’s me, right here right now. That’s how I feel about creating this newly envisioned business that provides massive value to people who are ready to step in to more power, more grace, and more authenticity than they ever imagined.

Isn’t that worth a few people being disappointed? I think so.

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In the meantime, tell me: What are YOU doing to get in your own way?
I’d love to hear about it... and what you plan to do to change it!