three-letter word

three-letter word

a poem by Candice Schutter

w h y
a three-letter word
holds a heart hostage
existential pleas
cried out in sorrow
grief binding life
by its wrists

it pretends to be a question
but dares not an answer
any more

we pretend to get by
make sense of all that is unknown
our anxious webs woven and hung high
so our hope has something to stick to

nature’s winds change without warning
blowing death’s whistle
our plans dissolve in an instant

w h y
forces its will
the only answer an echo
more of the same
bouncing back from walls
previously unseen

wisdom is
to accept that nothing is known
science too young, dogma too dated

freedom is
to expect in uncertainty to knock you to your knees
you’ll be destroyed by loss, renewed by connection

love is
to open oneself to the amplitude of mystery
even when it echoes eerily with its own vastness

I know for sure it’s possible
to be whole and broken all at once
to have confusion and peace
married to one heart

w h y
she is like me
a lone and hungry wolf that howls
in love with a moon
she pretends to understand