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I am awestruck by these stories that resonate so deeply within my own heart and soul. So interesting are all of these nuances and dynamics. I am feeling validated, empowered, and inspired as I listen.
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I'm here unpacking while you unpack. It's expanding my perspective in particular ways that have felt heavy and weighted down by shame. So thank you from the bottom of my lighter heart.
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Hi. I'm Candice Schutter. I started The Deeper Pulse podcast about a year into the pandemic when I was feeling lost, stir-crazy, and desperate for meaningful connection. I began by sharing personal stories, striving to make sense of my own life and what I’d learned, both personally and professionally, about the mechanics of agency and self-expression. In the process, I encountered my own spiritual wounds, dove headfirst into the world of cult recovery and discovered that - not only did it hold the key to a door that I’d been banging on since I was a child - it might even offer us a way out of the royal mess we're making of this whole being human thing.

On TDP, my guests and I talk about the everyday labor of self-expression, unpack the ‘cult’ure of self-help, and brave sweaty-palm truths that restore a sense of self-dominion.⁠ We tap into the deeper pulse that lies beneath psychosocial indoctrination, and remind one another how to be truly brave with our lives.⁠ Episodes 1-17 are all about feelings of stuckness. And if, like most of us, you're recovering from a toxic relationship, high-demand workplace, or too much new age wellness yada-yada, check out episodes 32+ for a deep-dive into what is putting the cult in 'cult'ure.

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