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Candice Schutter is a writer & the creator and host of The Deeper Pulse podcast. She has a BA in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Social Impact, and is a 2016 Graduate Fellow of the Atheneum Master Writing Program through The Attic Institute in Portland, Oregon. She's trained extensively in mind-body fitness modalities and has worked as a teacher, trainer, and educational consultant for a variety of self-improvement organizations. In 2019, she stepped away from wellness ‘cult'ure to grapple with the moral injuries she experienced while working in new age wellness circles - and while perpetuating predatory sales practices and troubling rhetoric working as a personal empowerment coach. In her podcast, she shares openly about her lifelong struggles with complex PTSD as well as her personal journey of cult recovery - and as a cult awareness advocate, she supports others who are ready to step outside of the bounds of social indoctrination. Her intention is to normalize conversations around everyday cult dynamics, in our families and communities, and surrounding issues of social justice. She lives in Arizona with her partner of ten years and their two furbaby kittos.
"Thank you for your act of courage. I feel legitimized. Liberated from not being able to express and own my truth widely."
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